Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Last Day at the Market

Our last day at the St. James Farmers' Market in Sewickley!
Loyal customers who became friends!
After three years of selling our honey and talking about bees at the St. James Farmers' Market in Sewickley, we are turning over the market reins to Steve Repasky, an Eastern Apiculture Society-certified Master Beekeeper (a very big deal!) and Vice President of Burgh Bees (big deal, too!). It's been tough decision to give up the market because we have made many, many friends and enjoy market day so much.  Yet our "real" jobs have gotten busier, making it harder for us to give the market the attention it needs. 
Steve Repasky, ready for customers!

Luckily, we have the irrepressible Steve to take over! In addition to selling his honey (and ours when we have it), Steve has some wonderful new products to introduce, including a delightful peppermint foot cream that'll get you ready for sandal weather!

A frozen Robert and a warm Steve!

Perhaps it was a sign, but it actually SNOWED on Saturday, on our last day.  Temperatures hovered in the low 30s, so we couldn't bring the observation hive out for one last show, alas.

We look forward to coming to the market as "civilians." We'll be the ones hanging out at the bee booth bothering Steve (unless it's snowing!).

A queen between two drones! (Thanks, Felicity, for taking the photo!)  
Though we're scaling back, Robert and I remain devoted beekeepers and will continue to sell our honey from our home and apiary in Aliquippa.  We welcome visitors!  Call or email us to find a time to stop by.  We'll also plan to update this blog more regularly, so if you haven't already, please "follow" us and sign up for email notices when we add a new post.

Many, many thanks to: Bob Jankart, market manager extraordinaire; our fellow vendors at the St. James Farmers' Market, whose beautiful produce and wares always inspire; and especially our loyal customers and friends for embracing us so warmly--even when it snowed.   Bee happy!  --Jennie & Robert

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