Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cookbook Bibliography

Here in one handy post is a list of all of the cookbooks I've reviewed on this blog.  This isn't an exhaustive list of honey cookbooks--but it does include the most recent that I'm aware of.  Click on the citation and it will take you to the review.  As I add more cookbooks to my collection, I'll add to this list.  Enjoy!

Barrett, Joanne.  (1981) Cooking with Honey (North Adams: MA: Storybook Publishing). (Less than $5)

Charlton, Jane and Jane Newdick (1995) A Taste of Honey: Honey for Health, Beauty and Cooking (Edison, NJ: Chartwell Books).  (New about $20; many used options available on-line)

Flottum, Kim. (2009) The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook. (Beverly, MA: Quarry Books). (Less than $20 new)

Cooking Well:  Honey for Health & Beauty: Over 75 Recipes, Remedies and Natural Treatments.  Introduction by Lauren Feder, MD, Foreward by Marie-Annick Courtier, and recipes from The National Honey Board. (Hatherleigh Press ) 2009.   (less than $10 new)

Laskin, Avril. (2008) Honey:  More than 75 Delicious Recipes (New York: Sterling Publishing Co.). $15 new

Opton, Gene with Nancie Hughes. (2000). Honey:  A connoisseur's guide with recipes.  (Berkeley, CA:  Ten Speed Press).  I've seen this book listed for as much as $200, if you can believe that.  I bought it used for about $20.

Berenbaum, May. (2010). Honey, I'm Homemade:  Sweet treats from the beehive across the centuries and around the world. (Urbana, IL:  University of Illinois Press).  Less than $15.

Fleetwood, Jenni (2008). Honey: Nature's wonder ingredient:  100 amazing uses from traditional cures to food and beauty, with tips, hints and 40 tempting recipes. (London: Lorenz Books).  I purchased this book for less than $10 on-line. 

Lonik, Larry. (2001; originally published in 1981). The Healthy Taste of Honey:  Recipes, Anecdotes & Lore. 2nd edition. (Chelsea, MI:  RKT Publishing) 2001 (originally published in 1981). (Less than $5 new)

Mech, Dorothy. (1994) Joy with Honey (NY: St. Martin's Press) (New about $25)

Parkhill, Joe. (1983) The Wonderful World of Honey: A Sugarless Cookbook AND
Parkhill, Joe with Sandi Knode. (1989) Honey: God's Gift for Health and Beauty (Berryville, AR: County Bazaar Publishing).  (On-line these books range from $5 to $20)

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