Friday, March 11, 2011

Bees Herald Spring's Arrival!

One of the most enchanting benefits of beekeeping (and there are many!) is that during these last bleak days of winter, the bees have already begun to herald spring's arrival. Though the trees still look bare to me, busy honeybee foragers have already started to bring pollen home. Just a few days ago, when the temperatures edged over 40 degrees, bees headed out to the red maple and other tree blossoms that are barely visible from the ground.  

Amazingly, during January's bitter cold, the honeybee queen knows that it is time to start laying eggs to build the colony's numbers in preparation for spring's glorious blooms.  The eggs quickly hatch into larvae--the colony's eating machines.   As the days get warmer, worker bees head out to find pollen and nectar to feed their growing brood.  Though it may still  seem a lot like winter, spring is coming!  Indeed, for the bees, spring has arrived!

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