Honey Varieties and Other Products

We specialize in three seasonal varieties of local honey, each with distinct flavors and hues from Western Pennsylvania:

SPRING: light yellow with delicate flavors from early blooms like dandelions, fruit, black locust, tulip poplar and maple tree blossoms. You may detect notes of citrus or cinnamon. For beer lovers, spring honey is the bees’ version of a crisp India pale ale.  This is the honey to drizzle on hot biscuits or have with your morning toast.  It’s also lovely in herbal teas (either hot or iced) and as a dip for fruit. 

spring honey on the left; fall honey on the right

SUMMER: amber with classic honey flavors  from sweet clover, berries & herbs like mint, basil & thyme. If pilsner were honey, this would be it.  It makes a great peanut butter & honey sandwich.  It’s also perfect in black teas (hot & iced).  For a quick summer appetizer, try this honey with goat cheese and crackers (and a pint of pilsner).

FALL: dark, reddish brown—the “Guinness beer” of honeys!—with rich flavors from  the nectar of asters, ironweed, goldenrod & knotweed.  Robert enjoys this honey in his morning coffee. It’s also a great honey for baking. Try it on roasted sweet potatoes or winter squash with a little butter and pepper.  

Our honey is available in Lawrenceville at The Gallery on 43rd Street and also in the Strip District at Penn Avenue Pottery.  

We also make small batches of beeswax candles, lip balm, soaps and hand creams
100% beeswax candle bowl

lip balm and votive candles
"Bee Potion Night Lotion" hand cream

We even sell bees!  
Each spring, we have a limited number of over-wintered nucleus colonies available for beekeepers who want to build up their apiaries.  

SteffesWood Apiary Spring 2010

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